High Security Wafer Locks – My Defcon Talk

Apologies for the missed post last week, I’m sure it was heart-wrenching to the innumerable devoted followers of this blog! The reason was because I was giving a talk at this year’s DEFCON hacker conference, which was virtual this year. The excellent people at TOOOL US were responsible for running a lockpicking village there, which …

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Competitive Strategy

In my last article, I discussed how to improve the quality of your lockpicking practice, which I developed primarily to help me prepare for the LockCon picking competition that year. However, if you were thinking of participating in a lockpicking competition – Which I highly recommend to anyone with an intermediate level of lockpicking skill …

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Lockpicking – Beyond the Basics – Lockpicking

Finally, part 4 of my series, on lockpicking tips and tricks. This article will actually cover lockpicking itself! as ever, you can read the previous article on tensioning tricks here. Lockpicking Orientation: So, my first piece of advice is on orientation. I like to orient my locks with the pins being pulled down into the …

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Lockpicking – Beyond the Basics – Locks

Continuing onto part 2 of the series, I’ll be covering locks, where to get them, what to look for, and my advice on disassembling and reassembling locks. You can read part 1, about lockpicks, here.   Locks: Quality of Practice: When it comes to picking practice, basically everyone starts with only a handful of locks. …

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In Defence of Raking

I’d like to share some thoughts on raking. I’ve seen a few cases of people claiming that raking is somehow inferior as a method of opening locks, than single pin picking. From what I can see, these people think that raking a lock open is in some way “cheap”, or lacks skill. Personally, I think …

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