Welcome to The Open Organisation Of Lockpickers, UK branch

By being here, you likely already know who TOOOL are, & what we stand for.

We like to pick locks. But always locks we own, or have permission to play with!

More coming soon. Leave a comment!

32 thoughts on “Welcome to The Open Organisation Of Lockpickers, UK branch”

  1. Hey! Is this an official UK branch of TOOOL? When can we expect more information? I’d be very interested in UK meetings.

    1. So do we.

      Our first presence will likely be, aside from the 3 hackspace meetings we run monthly in Manchester, London & Birmingham, at the next EMF later this year.

  2. Hi there. Could you shoot me the details of the Mc/r meet please. I’m interested in joining toool and would love to come see you guys in action… If you’d let me that is? Also,,,, the details of the EMF too please.

    Thank you so much

  3. Follow @emfcamp on Twitter for the latest, the website is https://www.emfcamp.org and tickets went on sale today. (Early bird tickets sold out today – 3 June)

    Manchester hackspace is @hackmanchester and lay time I went they were up on the third floor of a little place. Hackman.org.uk is their Internet lair.

    Hope this helps!

    1. Somewhat belatedly HacMan is @hacmanchester on twitter and the url is hacman.org.uk

      Locksport meetings haven’t happened for a while but they’ve recently moved and there are plans afoot to bring it back at the new space ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. There is a meeting at London HackSpace once a month. 2nd Saturday I think, run by John. Check the LHS google group or their website for details.

  4. hi to all..

    i have signed up to the newsletter and just wondered if there are any fellow lock pickers in the cambridge area ?

    i know your all busy but i eagerly await more news.


  5. Hi guys!

    Loving the idea of local LP groups – Anyone around Wiltshire (Chippenham specifically) fancy getting together? It’s a shame that the only 2 UK places are London and Birmingham. That’s a fair way to travel for the likes of me. I assume the same goes for midnite and paul…

  6. Hi All, Anyone in the South Yorkshire area interested in a meet up?I would love to get together with people at all skill levels at lockpicking… I’ve been picking for about six months and have been both excited and frustrated and would love to share and learn about anything lockpicking wise,
    all the best,

  7. evening all, interested in meeting others and learning this fascinating skill, i have invested in a few cheep tools and started playing with a few padlocks and love it,

  8. Been trying to get hold of someone at hackspace about locksport. See i can help out. emailed jonty but had now answer for a few weeks now.

  9. I was hoping to see some great content, but from the comments above there does not appear to have been anything happening for several years, such a shame. Lets hope a little more time is put into this to bring it over the pond to the UK.

  10. If anyone is interested… I enjoy picking locks and buy used cylinders from Ebay. I pick, gut and photograph the innards of the cylinders and would like to pass on the knowledge and hardware at cost price, as well as, potentially, receiving the same from like-minded enthusiasts. If there is any interest please post your personal picking profile.

    1. You’ll find plenty of people who’d be interested on the discord server. Plenty of us do this too, so you’ll be in good company!

    2. Hi Alan, Brian here Iโ€™m new to this,I have been successful on a few occasions but the rest so frustrating so if you live anywhere near London would love to get a few tips

  11. Hi. I am trying to send an email to Info@toool.uk for some assistance but the email address does not seem to be working and my email is getting bounced. Could you confirm the correct email address. Thanks

    1. Hi, that email should work fine, and we have had other email? Check your spellchecker hasn’t helpfully “corrected” the three o’s?

  12. I do not know if you are the right people to be able to advise me of a local locksmith/picker. I have a portable safe type box (Chubb), which must be an hundred years old. A few years ago I did find a key that was suitable, but I have mislaid that key, and I need to open the box, preferably without damaging the box. I locked my late uncle’s DSO medal (WW2) in the box, where it remains, inaccessible. My wish is to be able to present the medal to his regiment, there being no future relatives. I do hope that you will be able to help me. I live in south Dorset.

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