It’s the end of 2023! What’s next?

Happy New Year everyone, and welcome (back) to the TOOOL UK blog. We hope you have all had a safe and, more importantly, a pleasant holiday. We managed to close out our year being included into Black Hat EU in London, which was a fantastic event, with many people taking up lockpicking for the first time, and having fun starting up a new skill. Zeefeene, Nkt and I attended both days, and we believe the event could not have gone any better.

Well, things have been fairly quiet since the great plague of 2020, but we now feel that the time has come to start building something great, and do justice to the TOOOL UK name, but in a way that is beneficial. So, starting in the New Year, we are going to be offering a low cost paid membership option. This will be only £20 per year and this will include a few benefits, namely;
a (honestly, probably infrequent) newsletter,
being able to order items from Keyprint and hopefully other suppliers,
access to a members only area in the Discord, plus some flair,
no need to donate at the monthly FizzPOP meet-up!

The benefits offered from the membership may be expanded upon in the future, but we will let you know well in advance, and of course we will make sure any and all membership perks will be beneficial to all.

So, if you wish to sign up to become a member, please simply email and/or paypal us, and begin enjoying your perks straight away!
For now, we would like to wish you a Happy New Year, and hope you have a great 2024!
From all of us here, at TOOOL UK.

4 thoughts on “It’s the end of 2023! What’s next?”

  1. It’s great to hear that the meetings are going strong, and the memberships are open once again. Similarly, teaching at conferences takes a lot of effort. I’m looking forward to seeing Toool UK grow in the coming year.

    Best wishes, and may many locks open for you in 2024!

    1. Thank you Jan, and yes I agree, the teaching took a lot of effort over the 2 days, but everyone left happy, which was the most important part.
      Best wishes to you as well

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