Mick Friend

With great sadness, I can report that Michael Friend, loving husband & father of both humans & dogs, has passed away, surrounded by his family at 5:35 this morning, Saturday 5th of August, 2023.

LinkedIn profile screenshot: Mick Friend Director at LASM and Lockexpo - the UK's only annual locksmith exhibition

Mick had been battling cancer for several years, and unfortunately he had a bad reaction to his latest round of chemotherapy.

After leaving school, he started an electrical engineering apprenticeship, but found it dull, so in 1968 he joined the London Fire Brigade, and spent 26 years, mostly in West London, as a Sub Officer and then as a fire investigator. After medical retirement, he trained as a locksmith, almost entirely self taught. He joined the MLA, passed the exams, and eventually rose to both head examiner and chairman, at different times, as well as a lead trainer, and was also the first chairman of Sold Secure.

He started writing “The Encyclopaedia for Locksmiths” in 1998, publishing it in 2004, marking “the first time since 1958 an English writer had produced a book for the UK security market.”

He ran LockExpo, the only annual, and for certain the most dog friendly, locksmith exhibition in the UK, for 13 years.

A gruff & often grumpy persona, Mick had a true heart of gold. He will be missed.

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