TOOOL UK info page on the Yale 1109 reconfigurable 5 pin cylinder kit

This page is a resource for those who have bought the 1109 “Learn to pick” kit.

TOOOL UK Yale 1109 getting started lock picking sheet version 2 -This is the latest version of the instruction sheet, as a PDF. 
The TOOOL.UK 1109 cylinder is modified to show access to the pin stacks even if you can't pick the lock, and without tools.
The lock shown partly gutted.
The cylinder is adapted for ease of use and reconfiguration. Above, you can see the sliding cap and empty pin chambers, with a selection of pins and the springs sitting next to it.
(The small black pinning tray is available separately. A free “print at home” pinning tray is available below!) 
The selection of extra pins and springs will vary, but will include extra plain, serrated and spool pins, plus a few extra springs, plus, of course, the regular 3 plain driver pins, 2 spools and 5 plain key pins in the standard lock.
You also get a special shim for learning how to shim a lock, a blank key, a non-working key and the actual working key for the lock, a plug follower, and the tail piece, which can be used as a sliding cover removal tool. You also get a spare TOOOL.UK branded sliding cover free, in case of breakage!
Depending on options, you can also get either a pick set, or a single hook and tensioner, too. The instruction sheet can be downloaded above. 
Make an “emergency pinning tray” by 
folding a piece of paper as shown.
In future there will be a series of videos and articles teaching the 
art of lock picking.
Suffice to say, you can teach yourself with nothing more than this kit and the PDF!
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