Springless Lever Lock

Example of the lock
With a bit of sanding and patience, you too can get it working smoothly!

This week, I thought I’d share the files for a springless lever lock design I made a few years ago. I’ve been meaning to put these out there for a little while. There’ll be a series of articles going through the design written too, although that’s a non-trivial process, and will take some time. After all, I’ve been meaning to get that done for years now!


1. There are only 3 lever files. The levers are reversible, so a 1 cut flipped over is a 5 cut, and a 2 cut flipped over is a 4 cut. And vice versa, naturally.

2. The files below are provided as STL files, but I did not 3D print the design apart from the key itself. I recommend laser cutting instead.

3. The key file will need adjusting so you can vary the bitting, or course, but this is beyond my current abilities to provide. I’m sure most of you are industrious enough to make do despite that!

4. This is a 5 lever design. So you will need 5 levers in total. The key provided works for 2 of the 1/5 levers, and 2 2/4 levers, and a single lever 3.

5. For the bolt assembly, you’ll need one of each file except for “bolt stump”, of which you’ll need 4.

6. For the housing, you’ll need one of each file except for “Housing Long Side”, of which you’ll need 2.

7. These are shared under the following license: CC-AS-NC 
Please attribute to “Zeefeene, TOOOL UK” where possible.

8. These files have no adjustment for tolerances, because that depends on how you’re producing them. When I produced them, I just adjusted parts by hand after they were made.

9. There is no lever pivot included, since I made that from a 6mm aluminium tube. You’ll need to make one to be able to complete the lock.






Bolt Body Bottom

Bolt Body Top

Bolt Stump

Bolt Stump Top


Housing Bottom

Housing Long Side

Housing Short Side

Housing Bolt Side

Housing Top

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