High Security Wafer Locks – My Defcon Talk

Apologies for the missed post last week, I’m sure it was heart-wrenching to the innumerable devoted followers of this blog!

The reason was because I was giving a talk at this year’s DEFCON hacker conference, which was virtual this year. The excellent people at TOOOL US were responsible for running a lockpicking village there, which featured a good number of interesting talks, and I highly recommend taking a look. (Please keep in mind, the target audience is US based, and so talk contents may or may not apply in the UK)

I will note that I am somewhat biased here – you see, I gave one of the talks. Admittedly, it was written and recorded over the course of only 2 days, and there were some technical hiccups in the question and answer portion at the end, but hopefully it will retain some value for those of you interested in why wafer locks hold the potential to be more secure than almost any other lock design out there!

Here’s the abstract:

“There’s a lot that’s been said about the poor quality of common wafer locks which lurk in offices today, but what if I told you there’s a wafer lock that’s been made since the 1800s, and you don’t have a chance of picking it…?

Take a deep dive with me into the wonders and horrors of one of the most secure mechanical locks in the world, and let me show you why wafer locks might just hold the secret to better physical security!”

Screenshot from the talk
A screenshot from the talk, featuring a photograph of a high security wafer lock

And here’s the link to the Youtube video. Enjoy!

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